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Finding your Dream Job

How We Work

Making a career change is a monumental life decision. Often times, sales roles have high turnover due to stress, burnout, and lack of resources. Whatever your reason for reaching out to us, know that we understand.

During our call, we'll take the time to speak with you to learn what a Dream Job really looks like for you. We'll review your background, desired compensation, and what type of environment will suit your personality and success correctly.

Your time is valuable. One promise we can make to our candidates is that we'll never put you in front of a job that we wouldn't want to work for ourselves.

American Dream Search rigorously vets each opportunity based on flexibility, compensation, and culture. 

What to Expect

We are completely dedicated to helping our candidates land their Dream Job. You will never have to pay us for a career consultation and we'll never share your details without permission. 

We are committed to marketing your candidacy with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and transparency. 

American Dream Search deeply values its candidate relationships and we'll always do right by you. 

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