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Finding your Dream Hire

Step 1. Contact Us  

Fill out our Contact Form below to book a discovery call and get started.

Step 4. We Screen the Candidates

We will phone screen each and every candidate prior to sending them your way. If their qualifications and dreams align with yours, we'll schedule you an interview. 

Step 2. Tell Us Your Dream

Tell us what your ideal candidate looks like. We''ll discuss all the specifics here.

Step 5. You Interview the Best of the Best

Now it's time for you to interview. Choose between several A+ candidates and determine the one who meets your dream criteria the closest. 

Step 3. We Find the Candidates

It's time to go hunting. Once we have everything we need, we'll execute on a relentless recruiting strategy. You sit back and we'll handle it from here. 

Step 6. You Make Your Dream Hire

Congratulations, you just made your Dream Hire! Enjoy working with them and watching your business grow. 

Male Student


Recommended for
Early Career Professionals (0-3 years experience)

18% Placement Fee
30 Day Candidate Guarantee
No Upfront Fees

Team Meeting


Recommended for
Mid Career Professionals (3+ years experience)

20% Placement Fee
60 Day Candidate Guarantee
No Upfront Fees

Business Presentation


Recommended for

Directors, VP's, and C-suite Executives

22% Placement Fee
90 Day Candidate Guarantee
No Upfront Fees

Contingency Search

Dream Search Partnership

Retain American Dream Search as your exclusive recruiter.
The Dream Search Partnership ensures that our team is fully committed to a long lasting relationship and putting your needs first.

Onsite Onboarding

Our dedicated search team will travel to your headquarters to conduct an in-person onboarding session with your hiring team. 


American Dream Search will prioritize your job requisitions  and not partner with any of your direct competitors.

180 Day Candidate Guarantee

The candidate guarantee period will be extended to 180 days to ensure your Dream Hire has a long lasting impact.   

Recruitment Video Production

American Dream Search, along with its video production partner, will produce a 60-90 second recruitment video for your organization during our onsite onboarding visit. We will also create video shorts optimized for your social media. This can be leveraged as a long-term recruitment tool for your business, as video is now the most consumed form of content, particularly amongst the younger generation. 


Thanks for submitting!

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